What to Expect from your Stay at a Desert Luxury Camp

Morocco’s Sahara Desert is a renowned tourist attraction. Staying at Desert Luxury Camp is undoubtedly one of the many ways you may appreciate Morocco’s soaring sand dunes. Read until the end of this article to find out which lavish camp you should stay at next!

From sleeping under the stars in a bivouac-style desert tent to sunset camel rides, there is something for everyone! Riding camels, ascending sand dunes, discovering nomadic villages, and listening to traditional music around a roaring campfire are all possibilities. The Moroccan Sahara Desert is clearly a spectacular experience from sunrise to sunset.

What’s a Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco?

Desert camping is one of the most important components of Berber culture. With a touch of luxury thrown in, you’ve got one of Morocco’s most unforgettable experiences.

A quad ride is one of the camp’s activities that you may partake in during the day, or you can just relax by the pool. In the evening, you may eat by candlelight on Berber cuisine and possibly take a stroll in the desert underneath a starry sky.

A Desert Luxury Camp provides a high-end accommodation experience. It has all of the conveniences of interior amenities, no missing supply details, and the highest sanitary requirements, including a full bathroom with a shower. All of this takes place in the midst of the Moroccan Erg Chebbi Sahara desert’s true calm and seclusion, with the sky, sprinkled with stars.

The Desert Luxury Camp is an authentic Moroccan desert camp, with private tents and bathrooms, in which you can have a comfortable glamping experience in the desert with superb amenities, including a 5-star dinner and breakfast, as well as additional activities like camel riding, sandboarding, and quad biking.

Where you can find a Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco


Agafay should come to mind when you think of a Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco. When you travel to the Agafay desert, you may take in the views of the High Atlas Mountains and spend a tranquil day relaxing on the gravel desert. Even better, you might be able to learn about Berber life by visiting Berber villages.

There are rocky sections, hills, and canyons in the Agafay desert. The desert, which is roughly an hour’s drive from Marrakech, is recognized for its austere and scenic atmosphere.

There is an oasis of silence and tranquility in the Moroccan desert where animals and vegetation may thrive. In this paradise, frogs and turtles live quietly in the lake of Lalla Takerkoust, which is encircled by water and rocks.

The luxury tents are romantically decorated and contain WiFi, power, a phone, a wood burner, hot water, and other amenities. In this Desert Luxury Camp, relax in the indoor/outdoor bathtub or on your own sundeck, which has a daybed and two massage beds. All while taking in stunning views of the surrounding mountains, dry rivers, and stone dunes ocean.

All in one day, you may swim in the Agafay luxury campers’ pools, jet-ski, waterboard, or kayak at Takerkoust lake, explore the desert on quad rides, and ride horses or camels into the desert for a calm excursion.

Erg Chebbi Desert & Merzouga

The Erg Chebbi desert in Morocco is a well-known Moroccan Sahara location. Erg Chebbi is easily accessible. After a 10-minute camel ride or 5 minutes via 4×4, you will be surrounded by meter-high sand dunes. The dunes are rather high here, which makes for excellent photography, as there are several desert camps. An overnight stay in tent campgrounds that are genuinely sumptuous awaits, delivering authentic desert glamping feelings!

Because of its closeness to the city of Merzouga, this part of the desert has a well-organized supply of flowing water and power. Remember that there will always be other tourists in the Erg Chebbi desert. It is stunning, which is why it is a popular tourist destination and one of the best Desert Luxury Camps.

Among the things to look forward to while staying in a Desert Luxury Camp in Merzouga are camel trekking at sunset and sunrise, Quad ATV biking, 4×4 riding across the sand dunes, sandboarding, dancing beside campfires, and last but not least, star gazing.

Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp in Merzouga

We suggest you stay at the Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp, which is a boutique bivouac managed by a family with carefully chosen staff members that are all Sahara Desert natives who are fluent in a number of languages, including Berber, Moroccan Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Near the Moroccan town of Merzouga, in the rugged Erg Chebbi desert, is where this Luxury Desert Camp is situated. Your stay will begin with a sunset camel ride or 4×4 drive to the camp, where you will be met with Moroccan mint tea and directed to your tent to clean up.

Dinner will be local food made with care by our own chef. Wine is provided at an additional fee. Following supper, guests will be treated to traditional Berber drumming, singing, and dance. Participation is both encouraged and anticipated!

After that, you’ll have time to stare at the Milky Way and look for shooting stars before retiring to your comfortable tent. If you choose, you will be woken at daybreak in the morning.

The Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp is environmentally sustainable, employing solar electricity, regionally obtained resources, and traditional ways to guarantee little influence on the surrounding ecosystem. To preserve your privacy, the camp is restricted to ten individual tents with suite facilities. There is a communal dining tent where you may enjoy authentic Moroccan food in front of the sand dunes.


In south-central Morocco, Ouarzazate is known as the “Door to the Desert” or “Moroccan Hollywood.” With a perspective of the lowlands, the southern city is located high on the Atlas plateaus. Despite its proximity to the Saharan desert plateaus, the city is heavily wooded and densely vegetated with palm trees, orchards, and gardens. By bringing together stone masons and silver and copper sculptors, the souk, or artisanal centre, breathes vitality into the southern streets of Morocco.

In “Moroccan Hollywood,” the Kasbah of Taourirt is a large adobe edifice that was previously the palace of Marrakech’s basha. The Atlas Corporation studios are close by and well worth a visit. Great films have been shot on our open-air stage thanks to these wonderful sets.

Ouarzazate is a popular tourist destination in Morocco during the holidays, as well as a starting point for adventures into and across the Draa Valley and the desert, making it one of the top Desert Luxury Camps.

Ait Benhaddou Kasbah

In the Province of Ouarzazate, perched on the foothills on the southern slopes of the High Atlas, Ait Benhaddou is the most significant “Ksar” in the Ounila Valley. The castle of Ait Benhaddou is a notable example of southern Moroccan architecture.

There are additional buildings and common areas within the defensive walls, which are protected by angle towers and accessed by a baffle gate. Some of the houses are modest, while others resemble tiny urban castles with tall angle towers and upper portions decorated with clay brick designs.

Despite the fact that their construction and technology were disseminated across the valleys of Southern Morocco from a very early date, the oldest structures of this UNESCO World Heritage Centre appear to be no older than the 17th century.

We recommend you spend around half a day touring Ait Benhaddou and see where Lawrence of Arabia, the Kingdom of Heaven, Game of Thrones, and many more TV words were filmed.


Visit Erfoud and its palm palms when traveling across southern Morocco! This picturesque small community is nestled in the center of the desert, at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, on the Way of the Thousand Kasbahs. The town of Erfoud is an excellent starting place for seeing Morocco’s magnificent Sahara Desert environment!

The French were the first to settle in Erfoud in order to keep an eye on the rebel Tafilalet tribes. The city expanded as a result of a thriving commerce in marble and dates. It is also famous for its 360 million-year-old marine fossils (rolling goniatites, orthoceras, trilobites, and so on).

A Luxury Desert Camp in Erfoud will provide you with well-kept gardens on the property. Family rooms, which are perfect for couples or small families, are available. If you can’t fathom going on vacation without your pet, don’t worry because you can bring your pet with you! The most essential thing is to negotiate the specifics with the administration.

There is free internet access available. In Morocco, foreign visitors are welcomed; that is why, you will come across personnel who speak Italian, French, Spanish, English, and Arabic.

While in Erfoud, you must visit the marble factory! They are abundant in the region and specialize in petrified stone mining and polishing. The quarries for Goniatite, an extremely precious black marble studded with fossils, lie 15 kilometers to the southeast.


The Oued (River) Ziz flows from Er-Rich through the beautiful Ziz Gorges, creating the Ziz’s last southern valley and the Tafilalt oasis before ending at Merzouga’s gleaming dunes. The beautiful Ziz Gorges, which begin approximately 30 kilometers north of Errachidia and run about 30 kilometers south of Er-Rich in the Middle Atlas, give a rocky road south through the Tunnel du Légionnaire (built by the French in 1928).

The valley widens to the south, revealing a stunning sight: a dense canopy of palms encased within striated Jurassic rocks. It is worthwhile to take the time to explore the rich, untouched palmeraies (palm groves).

To find the lovely Ksours, which is tucked away among palm palms, old ruins, and other tourist destinations, schedule a multi-day trip. While walking or riding a donkey, you will observe wonderful contrasts between the greenery of vast gardens and the precipitous cliffs plunging abruptly into the gorges. Above all, you’ll meet the locals, who are famed for their genuine kindness and cultural depth!

In Ziz, the Luxury Desert Camps offer you all that you need and more. In your private tent, the Internet is available in all areas. You can find a bar available to guests on the premises, and a big tent is a wonderful alternative for a group of buddies or a family vacation.

There is an opportunity to unwind in a sauna, where you may take a spa treatment and rest. Moreover, your visitors can have access to a patio. If you want to travel by vehicle, there is a parking area on the camp’s property.

Whether you wish to explore the Agafay desert, which is only a short distance from Marrakech, or lie beneath the stars in the Moroccan Sahara desert, the collection above of Moroccan glamping Desert Luxury Camps will have you covered! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

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